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We need you to help spread the word about #BackTheComeBack and support the retailers of the comic book, gaming, and pop-culture industries jumpstart their re-opening efforts. Post a shout out to your favorite comic or game store, share a video of you picking up the comics or games you just bought, share pics of the comics and games you're loving right now or can’t wait to get your hands on, tag your favorite store, artist or publisher - get creative! Challenge your friends to join as well so we keep the love going.
Be sure to tag us @backthecomeback and use #BackTheComeBack.
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Charity Auction
This July our BackTheComeBack campaign will launch a charity auction event to support local retailers at the heart of the industry. We are overjoyed by the outpour of support from artists, publishers, and game designers who have donated items to help support our cause. The charity auction will run through August and will be hosted by Diamond International Galleries. All proceeds directly benefit the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC) or the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund.
Diamond International Galleries
You can also donate directly to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC) or the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund.
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